The perfect complement to a fine meal.

At 40,000 feet the air is dry, and the taste buds are less sensitive, but certain wines stand up to these challenges. Choosing them is the job of our chief sommelier, who must consider not only which wines best complement our chefs’ most recent menus, but also which wines can best withstand the rigors of flight. It seems that not all wines travel well, but the efforts of our sommelier ensure that our wine-loving passengers certainly do.

Emirates offers an outstanding wine list featuring some of the world’s finest wines, champagnes, and ports sourced from world-famous wine-producing regions across its vast route network. Vintages from France, Germany, and California, South Africa, Australia, and New Zealand enhance the in-flight dining experience.

Great food should be enjoyed with great wines carefully selected to complement the chef’s creations. The next time you fly with Emirates, enjoy a glass served by our specially trained cabin crew, and you’ll understand our commitment to that principle.


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