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Seating In The Gulf Air

Gulf Air operates the following passenger aircraft types:

For long and ultra-long sectors:
Airbus 340-300 (343)
Airbus 340-300 (Sleeper Seat service)
Boeing 777 (Suites)

For medium and long haul sectors:
Airbus 330-200 (Sleeper Seat service)

For short to medium haul sectors:
Airbus 320-200
Airbus 321
Airbus 319

Our First and Business Class Sleeper Seat service is available between Bahrain and Bangkok, Frankfurt, Kuala Lumpur, London, Paris and Shanghai. However, due to operational requirements the aircraft operating on these routes are subject to change without notice.

Gulf Air

Corporate Information
For the latest information about the people who are important to our business and for a synopsis of the key events that have occurred in the past, please click the links below:

Board of Directors
The Gulf Air Board of Directors is comprised of key people from the Kingdom of Bahrain. For details.

Executive Management
Gulf Air's team is composed of various Executive Managers who work closely under the direct guidance of the Chief Executive Officer.

Established in 1950, Gulf Air has over 55 years of experience in the travel field, and offers the largest network in the Middle East. For full details on the history of the airline.

Our mission is to provide a responsive service to the operational needs of our organisation in an ethical, effective and efficient manner to ensure reliable supply at optimum cost and quality.


Shaheen Air Cargo is the fast growing division of Shaheen Air International that was established in 1993, soon after the inception of the airline.

As an airfreight transportation service provider, the aim of the cargo division is to become the preferred cargo carrier of every logistics & forwarding company by offering comprehensive, reliable and efficient domestic and international airport-to-airport cargo and freight services to our valued customers across Pakistan & Gulf.

The cargo division delivers quality service with full commitment for all the air cargo needs through a team of highly experienced and specialized cargo professionals, who possess the required skills to transport and handle the comprehensive range of cargo commodities, from the origin airport to the final destination airport, in the most efficient and safe manner.

Shaheen Air Cargo Division offers wide range of services to suit the cargo needs of our customers in way of General Cargo and Courier as well as various other customized air logistic services, to benefit the clients.

General Cargo
All types of general cargo like garments, textiles, spare parts, computer chips, electronic items, foodstuff etc can be sent as general cargo. We provide personalized service and security escorts for handling certain type of general cargo.

Perishable Cargo
Items such as fresh fruits, vegetables, meat, fish and flowers go under perishable cargo. Management of transit times and temperatures are crucial to perishable cargo, however we ensure that perishables arrive on time and in good condition.

Live Animals
Shaheen Air Cargo undertakes transportation of live animals ranging from cats and dogs to parrots and pigeons. Live cargo shipments demand high levels of care and attention. Time, conditions and security are all momentous in ensuring the safe arrival of such priceless creatures.

Valuable Cargo
Valuable items require a different kind of attention. These goods require constant monitoring and secure handling processes. We ensure that valuable shipments like bank notes, jewellery or gemstones are always safe and secure, right from the moment of acceptance to the final delivery at the destination.

Special Cargo
Shaheen Air team of highly qualified and licensed staff is trained in the acceptance, handling and loading procedures of dangerous goods. They ensure the highest safety standards at all stages of transporting dangerous goods shipments to the final destination.